Website Email Setup with AWS Route 53 and SendInBlue

In this video I will attempt to setup a WordPress instance with the WP SMTP plugin. Then I will configure the SendInBlue service with a custom domain that uses AWS Route 53 for DNS management. There is a odd way of verifying TXT records in Route 53 and I’m not sure if this the case for all DNS Management services but Route 53 has a tricky way to handle multiple TXT values for the same Record name. In this video I will walk you through how to setup those TXT records properly. The solution is to create a single TXT record and add the two STRING values on the same record. Follow the video below to see how this can be done.

Here are some links I referenced during my research of the issue:

Supported DNS record types – Amazon Route 53

How can I get my Sendinblue SMTP account activated? – Sendinblue

Supported DNS record types – Amazon Route 53

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