AWS Lightsail Instance with WordPress becoming unresponsive? Watch for Easy Fix!

In this video I wanted to show you a possible fix for an issue you may run into when using Lightsail with the WordPress install by Bitnami. For those that use the popular Lightsail plans at $3.5 or $5 instances and use the WordPress image managed by Bitnami you may have experienced the instance becomes unresponsive or stuck and can’t handle anymore requests to your website. The logs may even show Pagespeed errors. If that is the case, then it is recommended by Bitnami to disable Pagespeed as the smaller instances may not have enough resources to handle Pagespeed. I’ve shown how to disable Pagespeed in many other tutorials but decided to create a dedicated one in case you’re having issues.

All videos tutorials on the website as well as the YouTube channel aim to provide a simplified process for a specific scenario; there could be many different factors and unique use cases you may have. The tutorials may not cover every situation; so treat is as a starting point or learning concept to apply to your unique situations, and consider this inspiration but not prescription or explicit direction.

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